Sunset Stories

I took all of these photos on the same evening, when we went out to see the watch the sunset, but for the most part, they each have their own little story behind them. Ordinary moments in our every day life that I love.

Running and rolling (she’s not falling) towards the sunset.

These two. Doesn’t it look like they are having a heart-to-heart?

They were actually just getting ready to roll down the hill together.

Of our 3 dogs, Cache (pronounced Cash) is Aaron’s dog. If Aaron calls him, he will be right there, looking eagerly at Aaron.

Towards the bottom, little brother sat on big brother and big brother encouraged it. I’ve watched Reed grow in so much patience towards Gus and it really makes me melt.

I love him. This photo was taken about 8 years to the day that he first said “hi” to me. Although we hadn’t spoken, he had friended me on Facebook and then walked by me and said “hi, Facebook friend” with that same teasing smile.

And, there’s also incredible about seeing that guy you fell for become a patient father who puts on shoes after they’ve “fallen” off again.

I asked Reed to take a picture of me and Aaron. Just after I shooed a dog off (see the right side), Gus insisted on sitting on my lap. And just as Reed got ready to take the picture?


Just little memories. 🙂

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