16-21/365: Hello Again

Well, I didn’t plan to neglect my blog for the past few days, but I’ve been busy. Blogging every day isn’t a realistic expectation for me, even doing a Project 365, but a more realistic goal would be 3-4 times per week. However, this last week got away with me.

16/365: This was a gorgeous day, but I was mostly stuck inside! Working for a good part of the day and then I had a language lesson in the evening. I did sneak outside for a few minutes here or there to soak up the sunshine.

17/365: What has taken up most of my time in the last week is that Aaron built me a desk– a really awesome desk deserving its own blog post. This day, we went to Home Depot so we could buy the materials we needed.

18/365: We also finally saw the third Hunger Games movie. I heard that the reviews were mixed, that perhaps some people thought it was too dark? I thought it was well done and enjoyed it, but I could see how it would be a bit dark for the young adult crowd. Perhaps I should also mention that we rented Gone Girl on Friday night, and Mockingjay could seem light in comparison.

19/365: My camera says I actually took this on the 20th, but it is off an hour because of Daylight Savings Time. This is one of the colors used on my lovely desk. While my husband did an awesome job building it… the finishing part was left up to me, which was a rather time consuming process.

20/365: Those eyelashes.

21/365: Our weather has been warmer, so the trampoline has been getting a lot of use.

My new desk has a window that is very close to the trampoline, making it easy for me to work, while keeping an eye on and listening to the kids. These two spent a lot of time just laying on the trampoline together, looking at the clouds.



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