Holiday Lights Hayride

I’ve gotten lots of comments on just how many holiday related events we’ve been up to this year. This is not my favorite time of year. In summer, the opportunities are endless and I like to be outside any time of day. But in winter, I wouldn’t leave my house if I didn’t have to.  So, I’ve been seeking out events that are both fun and inexpensive to get us out. This is one of those.

A town near us has a holiday lights hayride. A truck pulls a hay wagon around town to see all of the Christmas lights. The truck plays Christmas music and there’s even a stop for hot chocolate. At $2/person, this event is a total “steal”. Most places, you could barely get the hot chocolate for $2.

Gus LOVES hayrides. No matter the season, or occasion, he just loves them. He was over the moon about this, even before we started moving or the Christmas music started playing.

We went with our good friends Danae and Adrian. You probably think we do everything with them. We kind of do. Life is better with friends.

Not sure what was going through Gus’s mind at this moment.


Love this one of Adrian.

Can we talk about this for a minute? When did he get big enough to drink a hot beverage on a moving vehicle with just one hand? Actually, he was covered in hot chocolate by the time we were done, but doesn’t he look so grown up here?


I hope you’re finding fun things to do this season, too. Local friends, go on a hayride!

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