Gus is at an age right now where he can be pretty hilarious. His ability to communicate has exploded and what he has to say rarely disappoints.

Walking into school one morning:
Me: “Are you excited about school?”
Gus: “Can you make it funner?”


Reed: “Gus, what did you do at school today?”
Gus: (casually) “I screamed.”

…he really does like school, but if one bad thing happens, that day he had bitten his lip, that’s all he tells us about!


One morning when we had gotten up before the sun was fully up:
Gus: “Mama, it’s too dark. I was sleeping and then it was time to wake up. it’s too dark.”


One evening, we asked the kids to tell us one thing that they learned in school that day. Reed explained fresh vs. salt water and where you’d find them. Lena explained how germs spread and how to keep your germs from spreading. Gus: “Taste of red paint.”


(Walking into store in a mild but steady rain)
Gus: “Mama, is it raining?”
Me: “Yes.”
Gus: “No, mama. It’s sprinkling.”

His correction was cute on its own, but I couldn’t stop laughing when I watched this video tonight. I just wish he could have been a part of this conversation!

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