The Bright Spot

Yesterday, I shared about Bekah’s passing. Aaron’s grandmother also passed away this week. And, we found a very large, discouraging obstacle between us and a hope our family has.

With the windows down, I went 60mph out to a bright spot. A literal bright spot. A sunflower field. It had been on my “to-visit” list for awhile, but I knew that I needed it that day.


Yellow is my favorite color.


I find it hard to feel hopelessness when I’m observing God’s creation in the big and small.


I stayed there for almost 2 hours. 2 hours in a dirty, bug-filled field. Just me, my camera, oh and all of the other people who had come to check it out.

Actually, not true, a wonderful friend joined me for a short while, just knowing what a rough week I was having and meeting me right where I was at. Literally. Love her.


I stayed there until the stars came out. I needed to see these two beautiful things together.


I went home and the circumstances that had weighed me down had not changed. But, my perspective had, just a little.


“I believe in a blessing I don’t understand
I’ve seen rain fall on wicked and the just
Rain is no measure of his faithfulness
He withholds no good thing from us”
-Sara Groves

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