The Heart-shaped Hole

The Friday before Big L left, we hung out with my friend Danae and her family for the last time with Big L there. I’m so blessed to have Danae as my friend. She’s the best kind of cheerleader and gift giver and listener and advice giver and I could go on and on. But, I’m sorry, she’s mine and I won’t share her. Just kidding, maybe if you’re nice.

Danae pressed a box into my hand. “This is for you and [Big L]. To give to her at the airport.”

And I opened the lid to find two necklaces. A heart and a circle with a heart cut out.

Flashback to a few days prior, another friend and I had been discussing gifts for Big L after she returned. My friend suggested necklaces like this and sent me a few links, but they were all either too expensive or not something I’d be able to get in the time we had. Danae had no clue I had been looking at these necklaces and I think she must have ordered it long before.


Big L loved this little gift, which I waited to give to her until just shortly before the goodbye.

They fit perfectly together.

And, it’s fitting with how I’m feeling. I handed over a big chunk of my heart to that kid.

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