Random Favorite Photos

I thought I’d share some of my random favorite photos from the summer so far. I don’t think I’ve shared any of these before, but it’s very possible I’m mistaken. 🙂

This is just a random sampling. We’ve had such a wonderful, busy summer and it’s only the middle of June!

Left: Spending a rainy evening at the McDonalds Play place. Right: our dog Cache (Cash).

Left: Reed fell asleep on the couch while I made dinner one evening. Right: Lena in her new top bunk.

Tired thumbsucker. Dirty feet, crossed at the ankles. Long eye lashes.

A snail the kids found one afternoon.

When we went out to the local lake recently with some friends, butterflies were EVERYWHERE. Landing all over us and everything else.

Enjoying watermelon.

All 3 kids sharing a chair and enjoying each other, completely unprompted. This was one of those “must run inside and grab the camera!” moments, since they were being so cute.

That’s a little bit of our summer. What are you enjoying this summer?

…next up, Big L arrives!!!

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