Ode to a Crib

The only bittersweet part about the room changes were taking down Gus’s crib. I thought there would be more of a fight, more of a transition, but when I asked him if he wanted to sleep in his new bed instead, he said “YEAH!” and scooped up every stuffed animal he could find before plopping down in his new bed(Lena’s old bed).

We first met the crib when our friend Danae offered to give it to us. She originally thought they would adopt a younger child. We thought we were adopting an older child. We traded a car seat for a crib when both of our plans changed.

So, it came to live at our house. With a homemade quilt over the side, in our too-small room.
2012-07-02 20.20.23

That very first night Gus came home we plopped him down in there and he was OUT.
2012-07-15 19.20.04

That crib was well-loved and well-used.

We finally moved it out of our room and upstairs (to the room that is now the Lena’s room) last fall.

When Gus started climbing out, we had to take the front off, converting it into a toddler bed. And, when Andrei came to visit us over the winter, we moved it into Reed and Lena’s room.2014-06-07_0023

Knowing the crib would soon be gone, I took some photos of him at naptime a couple of weeks before.

When I was taking these, he looked at me and calmly said “please stop”. Oh, okay, buddy… sure.

Last weekend, I took apart for one last time.

Of course, none of this is really about the crib. It’s really about this…
The little boy who used it well and just keeps on growing. Hard to believe it’s been almost two years.

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