Wonderful and Thankful


An old friend texted me today. She wanted to order a print and then we went back and forth catching up. “Everything seems really wonderful on your end,” she told me.

I paused as those words hit me hard. “It’s…” My life’s a mess, I thought. But, wonderful? How is it not wonderful?  “It’s wonderful and chaotic” is what I settled on for my reply.

Sometimes, it takes someone on the outside to snap you back into reality. To show you how things really are.

My life feels full of messy and uncertain things. Big things– parenting little kids, a busy workload, fundraising for hosting, planning our summer. And little things– my dirty kitchen floor, how I can’t get my 3 year old to stop picking his nose, an argument I got into earlier this week. All of this seems to wear me down until I feel exhausted and stressed.

But, that one sentence reminded, it’s all good stuff. There’s a bigger positive behind each negative. I can’t deny– everything IS really wonderful and I’d be an ungrateful fool to say otherwise.

Healthy kids, a helpful husband, a good job, supportive extended family, all of our needs met and most of our wants met, too. What can I complain about?


Instead, I need to do a better job of cultivating gratitude in myself and also modeling that for my kids.

So, today, I am very thankful for everyone supporting us through our hosting fundraiser. We’re almost halfway to the $1,400 goal we need to make by May 1! I’m also thankful that it’s Friday. 🙂

What are you thankful for today?

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