Hope and a Future

I’ve had a few opportunities recently where the beauty of adoption just hit me.

The first was in a Facebook group I’m in for mothers who’ve adopted from Russia. We had a thread where everyone posted the first photo they saw of their child. And wow. Obviously, all of our kids have been home for awhile, the most recent being 15 months ago. Seeing how all of our kids have grown and changed is just incredible. There was some talk of putting before and afters together, so if that happens, I’ll share them here! [Older Before and Afters of my kids are on this page.]

Obvious in my last post, Gus is a bit of a wild child. He’s energetic and vocal. But, when we first met him, he was nothing like that. Does anyone remember this kid? The one we had to work had to get a smile out of?

And, I took this photo tonight.

“I want go high!”

On Monday, I got a call from Reed’s teacher. She was inviting me to the assembly at school because Reed was getting an award! Lena won a success award from her teacher back in October, and it was Reed’s turn to be recognized. His music teacher had chosen him for this award.

She had written:

“I’m nominating Reed for showing incredible growth in first grade. He knows how to behave in class and is very attentive, whether he is singing or doing an activity. I feel confident that his gifts and talents as they emerge will be a gift to the school and community. His musical aptitude is right on track. I see a very bright future for Reed as a musician and a student. It’s been a pleasure watching him grow and develop and I look forward to seeing more in the future.”

I’m really proud of Reed for winning this award. I don’t see his musical side a lot at home, but I am going to find ways to encourage that. Right now he’s taking gymnastics, and I think he’d love to do soccer. I think he’d take on EVERY activity possible if he could. This kid loves to be busy and hasn’t met an activity doesn’t want to try.2014-04-23_0004

And, hosting. God only knows what changes we will see in this sweet girl during her time with us. I have been praying for her, specifically with Jeremiah 29:11 in mind. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

We officially have a fundraising link up to accept tax-deductible donations for our hosting fees. The amount raised needs to be $1,400 by May 1. Crazy? Yup. But, I’m looking at this as an opportunity to recklessly trust God. Up for just about 12 hours, it already reads $180… 12% of our goal. [Here’s the link.]

Thank you, sweet friends, who have already donated or plan to.

And, one last thing, we are really close to getting to 100 likes AND picking a winner for our next giveaway over at Moose Prints. So make sure that you come on over and enter the giveaway STAT!

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