To the Middle of Nowhere!

We had a beautiful day last Saturday. 80 degrees and sunny.

We went on a little road trip. To the middle of nowhere. Because, where else do we go?

We didn’t plan on this playground, the fun kind with a wooden castle and tire swings. We stumbled upon it, in a little town of 700.

It also had a pirate ship and a sandbox with dinosaur bones. And, we had it all to ourselves.

Our real destination was a park that was on the Oregon Trail, Alcove Springs, known as a camp of the Donner-Reed party.

We did some hiking and some geocaching. Our legs will tell you that Kansas is not flat.

Turkey vulture.

Little spiky things. That’s the scientific name.

Lena found this rock that looked like a butterfly.

And, the day ended with the sun peeking out behind the clouds.

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