Homemade Fruit Snacks

I made fruit snacks. Yeah, I’m awesome.

Fine, I’ll confess… 4 ingredients. You do have to measure stuff and squeeze lemons, but otherwise super easy.

Why did I make them? The 4 ingredients are: fruit(in my case, strawberries), lemons, [raw] honey, and gelatin. All of those things are awesome for you (although I won’t deny my mixed feelings on gelatin’s source).



Results: Aaron and I both like them. I’ve found myself grabbing a handful here and there throughout the day. Reed and Lena say they like them, although I packed them in their lunches, so I can’t verify. Gus also says he likes them, but won’t actually eat them. I think it’s more the squishy texture than the taste. They are bit lighter, squishier and less dense than regular fruit snacks, but they’re good!

And here’s the recipe.

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