Going to the chapel

Aaron’s sister got married this weekend.

Very exciting!

Reed and Lena had the honor of being a ringbearer and flower girl.


I had to pay them each 50 cents to “hug” for this picture. Later when I told someone else that Reed said, “and it was terrible. I was allergic.” For the record, I don’t normally bribe them, but I couldn’t resist getting a sweet picture of them dressed up.

Gus was very bummed he wasn’t asked to be a ringbearer. Actually, he just hates tuxedos. Especially the shoe part.


Fortunately, I was able to coax a smile out of him.


She was so happy to be a flower girl.

Gus was all better once we ditched the pants.

The simple joys of being 5!


And lastly, as I said on Facebook, sometimes it’s best to just take the girl and leave your pants.

5 thoughts on “Going to the chapel”

  1. Baha! that last picture is the cutest! Although the one of R & L is quite sweet too. Many blessings on y’all!

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