30 Days of Thankful: Day 20

Today, I’m thankful for music. I love music… all kinds of music. I always have something stuck in my head, usually something I need to hear.

Right now, I’m beginning my obsessive listen of Sara Grove’s O Holy Night Tour. I got into it when we were in Ukraine 2 years ago and I still can’t get enough. I have to listen to it occasionally year round. This album is actually not for sale… I lost my copy last year and I contacted her manager, who sent me a new copy… free. You can find the songs online, but they’re not at all the same as this live album, recorded in a prison. Sorry, you are missing out.

One of my favorite songs, It’s True.

It’s True

(apparently, there’s not an easy way to embed it, but you can download it there if you really want to listen. Much better than the iTunes or YouTube versions. This version was released as a free download in 2010.)

“In your heart you
know it’s true
though you hold no expectation
in the deepest part of you
there’s an open hesitation

but it’s true
kingdoms and crowns
a God who came down to find you
it’s true
Angels on high
sing through the night alleluya.”

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