30 Days of Thankful: Day 1

It seems appropriate that I start my 30 days of thankful with this guy, after the year we’ve had. We’ve had a rough last 2 weeks together, I won’t lie.


But, today, I went to the bathroom, leaving my 2 younger kids playing in our living room. When I got back, Gus was in the pack and play and the front door was closed. It had been opened, and the screen door closed and locked. Or so I thought. But, the screen door was not really closed and Gus went out the door. Where he could have wandered off or into the street. Or a million other places.

Fortunately, a friend was just leaving our house. She spotted him and brought him in and put him in his pack and play. I don’t know or even want to think about what would have happened if she hadn’t seen him!

So, today, I am extra thankful that Gus is here, in our house and safe.  And for my friend who brought him in.

The funny part of this story is that when I asked Lena what happened, she told me that a stranger, a man with black hair in a black shirt brought Gus into the house. I thought she had gotten him into the pack and play somehow herself, and was lying, since she knows she is not supposed to pick him up. When I realized that it was probably just my friend and text her to ask her, she apologized for not letting me know. But, most almost 5 year olds would have just told me what happened in the first place, but my girl had to make up a crazy story.

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