My big kids

They’re awesome, as always.


“Hiding” by being trees, as always. Lena decked out in pink. Reed decked out in blue. They dress themselves.


Sweet L is amazing. I think she has a very challenging role in our transition. She has been moved to the role of middle child, no longer the baby. And, with Reed in school, sometimes she plays the role of oldest child. And left-behind child. But, she is amazing.


I think Lena loves her role of middle child. She loves to be Reed’s follower, playing along with whatever schemes he has come up with. And, she loves mothering Gus or being a baby along side of Gus. I let her own whichever role she wants in that moment.


I am always grateful for her sweet, patient heart. Lena has big feelings, but she moves past her hurts at record speed and I learn from this every day. I need to learn to forgive like Lena forgives. And love people like Lena loves. She hugs often and is always quick to tell someone how she loves them or she missed them. I adore her enthusiasm for people and life in general.

(yes, he is really dirty from playing hide and seek)

Reed. He never stops. Moving, talking, whoa. I get exhausted watching him hop on one foot while singing his own version of “Row, row, row your boat.” He loves school. “School is better than home,” he told me one day. “When do I go to school again?,” he asked on Saturday. He is still in transition, figuring out what is okay at home and what is okay at school. And bringing home all kinds of new things he’s learned at school, not all of them positive. But, we’ll work through it.


He has so many wonderful questions. And so many of his own answers, right and wrong. One thing I love, that also drives me bonkers about him, is that he never accepts your answer as it is. “Why?” “Well, I think…(insert his own explanation)” and so on and so on. While this is sometimes frustrating at 5 years old, it will make him an exceptional adult.


He is an incredible oldest child– eager to lead, eager to learn, and eager to explore. He loves both Lena and Gus deeply. He doesn’t often acknowledged it with Lena, but I think anyone who has spent any time with them can see they have a deep bond. He is constantly all over Gus and I am often reminding him that we need to be a bit more selective about how often we run up and hug him. He has also given Gus all kinds of nicknames, most common are “knuckle boy”, “belly boy” and “tummy boy”.
Having lots of fun as always.

One thought on “My big kids”

  1. they really are great kids! when isaac was in kindergarten, he started asking at bed time on fridays when school started again! it was so fun and new and he loved learning things that he could tell me! so glad reed is loving school as well!

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