Better luck next time

Today was terrible. We got to KC with an hour and a half before our flight… with only 3 United agents helping ALL of the customers. 1 of them for economy, 1 who had no clue what she was doing (“I’ve only been doing this 3 days and I don’t know what I’m doing!”), and 1 for First Class, Business, etc.

I could go into details, but I doubt that anyone really cares…

I will admit fault to say that we should have been there 2 hours early. (Which was totally my fault, laughing at Aaron, who wanted to leave at 8am, which would have gotten us there 2.5hrs before our flight). I’ve flown out of KC many times (including internationally), and taken other people to fly out of KC many times, and we’ve always found an hour to be PLENTY of time. So an  hour and a half seemed very safe.

But, there was so much wrong with the situation. Poor logistics, understaffed, undertrained staff, staff who just didn’t care, and overbooked flights. Anyone, even just walking by, could see that the whole thing was a disaster.

We heard a whole lot of blame on us… I can’t tell you how many times that they told us that we should have been there 2 hours early and the statement “I can’t do anything”. Never once did we hear an apology or any sympathy to our situation.

There are two things that a customer service rep should be decent at… 1.) Whatever it is they serve you doing. 2.) Being nice to people. I saw neither today.

Anyways, we have tickets for tomorrow. Same airline. We will arrive at the airport 3 hours early. In the very likely event that we will have way too much time, I will stand exit of the customer service counters and hand out hugs and encouraging notes like “Better luck next time!” or “Fly Southwest!”

P.S. In case you are wondering how bad it is that we are arriving in EE a day late, we will see. Please pray it’s not a big deal.

12 thoughts on “Better luck next time”

  1. That is horrible! Yes, I pray that all falls into place; as I am sure it will. I think I would have choked someone…

    Blessings, Kelly

  2. Oh my goodness, we have never had an issue with KCI. An hour and a half is plenty of time for your flight, totally their fault on being understaffed. Praying all goes smoothly today and all goes well on this trip.

    1. Thanks, Rochelle! It’s nice to hear confirmation from someone else, too. It took us 6 minutes to get from walking into the airport, to check-in to through security today. Just confirming that being 2 hours early to MCI is absurd.

  3. Stanley, do you have to be such a jerk?? Really…how many children have YOU adopted? How many children in need, here or abroad, have you assisted, either personally or financially or with your prayers? Have you nothing better to do than troll around online causing good people pain?
    Parker family, I hope your adoption journey goes smoothly and easily from here on out, and that your new little son-to-be will bring you much joy.

    Best wishes from
    Susan in Ky

  4. I meant to add that I have two dearly loved young cousins from your new little son’s country, but was so outraged at Stanley’s crass remark that I omitted to sign off as I usually do:
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  5. What a pathetic life some people must lead that they have to go trolling around on the internet leaving nasty comments in order to entertain themselves. Two hours early just to check in is absurd in my opinion, not that I know anything about KC.

  6. So sorry for your troubles 😦 I HATE those kiosks and they really don’t save that much time considering you have to give your luggage to humans and see them with anything out of the ordinary. 90 minutes is PLENTY of time, so don’t let them put the blame on your for their incompetence.

    Best of luck with your travels today!

  7. What a nightmare! You are right, 90 minutes early at MCI is more than enough time! Being there 3 hours early would be pure torture. I’m so glad I’m reading this a day late and you are on your way otherwise I would be stressing on your behalf. Praying for a smooth trip from here on out.

    PS You are always such a sweetheart that you saying you were ready to hurt someone really made me LOL!

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