Petter: A dog in a city far away

Sometimes I forget how creative Reed is, and how he must processes things as a 5 year old. Tonight, he told me about his dog named “Petter”. This is my explanation of it. I wish I had it recorded in his words. 

He and Petter live in a house together. It’s a black house, with no windows, just a window for Petter. Reed doesn’t know if there is a bathroom inside, but he doesn’t think so. Petter MUST go to the bathroom outside.

A few hours later, he started to tell me about Petter again.

Petter lives in a city far away. Reed is going to go see Petter. He will play with him. Petter is HIS dog, but then Reed will go home.

This is when I interjected with “you’re going to leave him in the city far away?” (I thought this was his way of saying we should go visit A, and leave him there). 

Well, for “a lot of days” Petter has to stay in the city far away. Then, Reed will go back, play with Petter. And they will do the papers for the adoption. Then, Reed will come home and Petter will stay in the city far away.

Then, finally, Reed will go back, and he will take Petter home. First, they have to stop at the gas station to fix the airplane. Then, he will go to the grocery store. Then they will come home!

At some point, I asked him how long this would take. He kept telling me a long time, a lot of days, then he said “24 weeks.” 

Anyways, I just thought it was such a neat story that he used to explain to me how adoption looks from his perspective.

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