Things to Share

1. Aaron and I went to Heather Forbes’ FREE workshop last Saturday in Kansas City. It was wonderful and I highly recommend it if you have a chance to go to one of her workshops. I wasn’t sure if it would be applicable to us, because we aren’t dealing with severe behaviors, but I found it really helpful as a parent and as a person.

2. We were featured in the spring issue of Lawrence Kids Magazine. It’s been out for awhile and I was a bit embarrassed to share it, because it’s just such a sweet article. Here it is.

3. Just a quick photo that my mom took of the 4 of us. (Yes, I cut my hair.)
2012-04-28 14.49.08

4. Reed was overwhelmed by feeding these baby goats. He rarely admits he needs my help, but a few seconds after I snapped this, they took his bottle and he started yelling for my help. “Mama! Mama! Help! Dey got da bottle!”
2012-04-23 10.58.30

5. Lena conquered her fear and rode a pony for the first time. And I imagine she’ll do it again!

2012-04-23 10.55.44

2 thoughts on “Things to Share”

  1. Molly,
    I went and read the article. It is great! I think they described your family very well. I am so glad that more people have a glimpse into your lives and choices. You and Aaron have made lasting and hard choices. You should be proud of that. : )

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