Check It Out!

I try to make a point to only share giveaways/fundraisers on here which I am REALLY excited about myself [You can also read this sentence as I don’t ask you for much.] But, will you please, please, take the time to check out my friend Danae’s blog this week?

Danae is an in real life friend of mine, so I can certify and stand behind the statement that she and her husband Kyle are awesome. They have big hearts for adoption and the world in need. And they ACT. I could go on and on about how incredible they are and how much they have supported us in the four short months that we have known them, but I will spare you. But, in short, I really admire Danae and Kyle!

Watch their adorable video:

Now, will you please head on over to Danae’s blog and enter her giveaways?

And THEN, head on over to Give1Save1 and donate!

Please? Do I need to beg? Do I need to get R&L to beg? They love Danae and Kyle, too, so I know they would!

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