Goodbye, A :( (Day 47)

Before I go into our visit pictures, this is where Aaron sat while we waited for them to bring A in. Didn’t Makiivka have a bear just like this?


I took a video of him dancing. Are you ready for this cute?!?

Aaron and little A seem to be having a harder time connecting. I am guessing because A is a baby and Aaron is a man. Aaron doesn’t have much experience with babies. I doubt A has spent as much time with men as he has women. So, I just sat back and took photos and let the two of them play.



But, don’t get me wrong. I still had to get my smooches in.


The end.

I realized that I haven’t really blog about anything besides our visits during this trip. Honestly, we haven’t ton much else. This is the first trip where I’ve really felt jet-lagged and just kind of exhausted. And, obviously, this trip also has a lot of mixed emotions for us. But, we’ve enjoyed getting to know A and can’t wait to come back for court.

14 thoughts on “Goodbye, A :( (Day 47)”

  1. LOVE THIS! Praying for you guys as you have to leave. 😦 He is SOOO adorable! 🙂 Can’t wait for him to be home! Travel safe and we’ll see you soon.

    PS – Your youngest son dances like a white boy! 😉

  2. Amazing! I am way behind on my blog reading – If you do not mind a random interneting blog stalker asking, did you guys find A on Reece’s Rainbow or did you use an agency for this adoption?

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