Beauty and the Beast (Day 35)

I didn’t want Reed to get a lot of presents for his birthday… well, not a lot of stuff at least. My mom thought about this and asked if she could buy us movie tickets instead. Um… yes!

I talked about taking the kids to see a movie when R’s leg was broken, but it was going to be over $30 for the 3 of us to see the Lion King in 3D. Hmm, no. We own the Lion King on VHS.

But, I really wanted my kids to have a movie theater experience. When we were in Pennsylvania, my sister asked if she could take them and I told her no, that I wanted to experience it with them for the first time. Selfish of me, but whatever, it’s true.

So, I was pretty excited when my mom asked if she could buy us tickets to see Beauty in the Beast in 3D. YES! Beauty in the Beast is also my favorite Disney movie. So, perhaps this was really for me more than the kids…

Reed and Lena really enjoyed it, though. They were both mesmerized. I saw Reed “jump” in his seat at a few of the scary parts.

I asked Lena afterwards what she thought and she started going on and on… “Der was a cup! Wif a face! And, and, and… a cwock! And a pwincess! And horses!”

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