The Headband (Day 34)

I had my sewing machine out for some other projects, so I thought I’d just make L some headbands for while her bangs are growing out. You’ve seen the photos… it’s bad. Reed was fascinated with Lena’s headband. When it fell out of her hair, he took it and put it on. It was way too small. He was clearly very jealous and not letting this one go, so I asked if I could make him one. YES! And he picked out the fabric.

It’s more of a light cotton sweatband, right? He was ecstatic that I made this for him and even wore it to bed.

2 thoughts on “The Headband (Day 34)”

  1. Headbands are practical. My daughter wears them all the time although her bangs grew out years ago and her hair is down to her waist – she says that she likes how the headband keeps all those short hairs out of her face. And Reed is adorable in his headband! Good for you to make one for him too!

  2. I can envision this whole scenario. Thankfully you had a cute fabric that’s a little more his style – somehow pink lace wouldn’t quite do it!

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