Pigtails (Days 31 & 32)

I put Lena’s hair in pigtails yesterday. Oh, it was so cute. She doesn’t really love me playing with, nor does she sit still very long, so it won’t be a regular thing. But how stinkin’ cute is she? Milk moustache and all.

Baby Pippi, anyone?

Oh, this boy. Our friend Danae says he is 110% boy and I cannot agree more.

Miss J had to go wading. The weather was warm, but that warm must still be very cold!

Are you going to get sick of me just sharing photos from our walks? We don’t do much else during the day! I could take photos of all of the paperwork I’m doing right now? The napkins I’m printing?

This, right here, is why I love Kansas. My only issues with it is that we lack an Ikea and (usually) winter is cold. But, these wide open spaces make up for it.

R really wanted me to take his photo laying in the grass. I tried, but he kept rolling around!

These are the two songs I’ve been listening to a lot lately…

Yet will He bring dark to light/yet will He bring day from night.

Just fit this mixture of loss and hope in our lives right now.

9 thoughts on “Pigtails (Days 31 & 32)”

  1. That picture of Lena in pigtails is indeed very sweet! Do you have any of the books about Pippi?

    From that photo, Kansas looks a lot like the part of Sweden where I live πŸ™‚ although our winters aren’t really so cold, right now we have -10 C and that is about as cold as it gets. Judging from your clothing in the outdoors pictures, your weather is a bit warmer than that! Looks like an April day here.

    1. We do not have any books about Pippi. 😦 I usually prefer books to movies, but I’ve watched the movie a bunch of times and lovvve it. And, Reed and Lena have seen the movie too.

      Our weather is usually much, much colder than this. It’s been beautiful here! 60F for many days now! We’re loving it. Reed still insists on wearing gloves, hat and a coat, even when it’s beautiful out.

    1. I did! I decided to procrastinate for awhile last night. Whoops! But I had an idea and I had to make it quickly, before I forgot or lost steam.

  2. Too bad she won’t let you do those pigtails more often, because she sure does look extra-cute with them in! Ali asks for them every now and then and I put them in crooked and she takes them out within an hour. Zen won’t even stand for a barrette for more than 60 seconds.

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