Laundry, Zingo (Day 23)

Lena was exhausted this evening, so she went to bed early. Meanwhile, I asked Reed if he’d help me with the laundry and then the three of us would play Zingo, the game he got for his birthday.

Folding and putting away his and Lena’s laundry is one of the easiest tasks that he can do. Lena can do it, too, but Reed does it in about a quarter of the time it takes her. Since we got this dresser with drawers right at their height, it has been their job to fold and put away their clothes. It’s awesome!

We have played Zingo a lot since Reed got it, but it was a different dynamic without Lena. It was fun.

I wish I had gotten a photo with Lena in it, too. They both chose to wear their Superman shirts today. And we went over to Topeka and got some more papers apostilled. Our paperwork is so close to being complete. What we are finishing up now is supplemental stuff for court, to make it very clear that we are the perfect family for Helen.

2 thoughts on “Laundry, Zingo (Day 23)”

  1. Hey Little Sister, at least that’s how I consider you, right on for the paperwork chase. Praying for you guys. I will send you an email with a brief update on our process. Blessings! Kelly

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