Boring (Days 19 & 20)

The last couple of days have been mostly around the house, just hanging out. It is COLD here. Well, 30 degrees feels really cold after 65. But, the high for Sunday is 51.

I took these pictures yesterday morning when I first went into their room to get them out of bed. Lena was climbing on top of Reed and clearly thought that she was in trouble! I brought the camera in, because I knew she was up to some kind of mischief. At first, I heard “WEEEEEEEED! WEEEEED!” And then I heard “Wooo woo woo woo woo woo!”

Yeah, Lena, of course you are sleeping.

This is for Aunt Rachel! They love doing these little puzzles.

This is my picture for the day… Lena eating dinner.  Sometimes I feel like all we do is stand around wishing she’d move faster. Tonight was and hour and a half for dinner… because she took a half hour potty break in the middle of it. We’ve learned to just let her take her time, because asking her to speed things up just usually ends in frustration and tears all around.

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