Oops (Project 365- Days 16, 17 & 18)

I’m sorry I haven’t posted. I had a bunch of Etsy orders to fill, but I am all caught up now. I did remember to take pictures, though.

But, I didn’t take this one. Danae was off work for MLK day on Monday and we went for a walk together. Reed is playing an instrument here. As always, we enjoyed her company. And I was grateful for the literal hand (or back) carrying Reed back to the car.

2012-01-16 18.49.27
Danae gave them these cute little placemats. They love them. They are super cute. Reed’s is cats and dogs and Lena’s is matryoshka dolls. I can finally spell matryoshka, without google’s help. Yay, me!

What can a year of being home do?


12/26/10, 1/18/11.

Do you see how much they’ve grown?!? How much happier and healthier they look?

Looking at that, and knowing my kids, I think we’re going to have two big kids and one little squirt. Reed and “Helen” both have a larger bone structure– huge hands and feet. Miss Lena is so tiny, all around tiny. She and “Helen” are actually the same height right now, but “Helen” has weighs 5lbs (18%!) more. And “Helen’s” medical needs explain why her growth has been a bit stunted in the past.

When I walked in to take those photos, they were goofing off. I actually thought Lena was hurt or sick, because she was quietly curled up in Reed’s bed, blankets and everything. Until I saw this face…

Laughing hard… she melts me.

2012-01-18 15.08.51
I don’t think Lena is feeling too great today. So, when we went out for a quick walk, I gave her the choice, of carrier or walking. She picked the carrier. I wasn’t sure how this would work for us with layers on, but it actually worked very well. It wasn’t necessarily the most comfortable way to wear the carrier, but I would do it again and could do it for a long walk. Lena just cuddled up to me. I asked her if she was sleeping and she said “YUP!”

2012-01-18 15.10.41
Here is the goofball, “whistling.”

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