Project 365- Day 9

We had an interesting evening. We went out for a walk at one of our favorite places, the levee, and one of our dogs disappeared.

The walk started off normal enough.

Well, as normal as OUR walks are.

Just using some wire cutters. No big deal.

He has such a great imagination!

This is how it looked when we got back to the car and I realized one of our dogs was missing… I didn’t even notice because he’s not the one that goes missing… at least he wasn’t in the past.

And this is how it looked by the time he showed up…

The moon was so amazing on the way home. This photo doesn’t capture it.

2012-01-09 19.18.44
Proof that he’s back and still in one piece. And looking as guilty as ever.

6 thoughts on “Project 365- Day 9”

  1. Cache! Why do you do this to your mom? My heart skipped a beat when I read this post because I was afraid my sweet Josie had gone missing. Glad it was only Cache. Lol! Ok, I’m kidding. I’m glad all the dogs are home safe and sound.

    1. We were joking that the girls plotted it, to see how long they could disappear for. But, I informed them at there are a number of variables, which dog it is, temperature, daylight remaining, company, etc. Josie would certainly convince Cache to run off, so she’d know how long to explore for.

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