Thursday Visit

Our 3rd visit today. Again, first thing, I fed her. I try to make it fun, but I am not sure if it is helping or hurting. She and her nanny were going back and forth (in Russian), “Yucky!” “Yummy!” “Yucky!” “Yummy!” I imagine it is pretty yucky… it smells like wet dog food… and the whole idea of oatmeal with pureed meat does not sound appealing either. Β She eats that and some speckled small egg… anyone want to guess what kind of egg it is? We will have the translation tomorrow. I also taught her the sign for eat. She tried to do it right away and said “aeeeet”.

I pretend to eat it along with her.

Another doctor came in who spoke fluent English and asked if we had any questions. I don’t think anyone had told her that I already asked the other doctor about 50 questions, since she seemed to think I did not know much. Really, between the medical documents we’ve gotten and our questions to the nanny and her other doctor, I felt like my questions had been answered. This doctor also gave me her phone and email address, in case we or our doctors have any questions.

This was her favorite toy of the day. I asked if we could measure her, but they had just measured her this morning. Her nanny remembered the measurements and told them to us. She is the same height as Lena and about 5lbs heavier! Lena has a very slim build, so this is not surprising. Alyona’s measurements are more typical proportions. They should put her right in the 3T range, no falling down pants for this girl!

The balloon is a favorite of hers. Her nanny tells her to hit it, not kick it. That entertained her for a few minutes.

Then, I got out my phone. Oh boy, she LOVES my phone. I can tell it makes her nanny nervous that I just give her my phone, but I am aware of the risk of giving a 3 year old electronics! Today, she looked at videos of Reed and Lena. That was a hit.

Sitting on my lap with the phone.

This girl is smart. She would get really mad if I started to get close to her with the phone, thinking I’d take it away. So, whenever she’d turn to yell at me, I’d jump away, put my hands up and say “okay! okay!” Within minutes, she was repeating “okay!” Neither R or L were repeating English words this quickly… we heard two from her today “eat” and “okay”.

Sitting on the floor with the phone. Per Russian superstition, she is not supposed to sit on the floor, so she hid behind the bed to do it.

Here she is talking on the phone to her babushka. Pretend talking. I suggested it was babushka calling.

13 thoughts on “Thursday Visit”

  1. I looooooove the Russian “Alloaaaaah” for “hello” on the telephone. She seems like a smart cookie!
    Welcome to wordpress. I ❀ it waaaaaay more than Blogger. I'd switch completely if I thought my readers would follow πŸ˜‰

  2. Alyona will have to fight Leif big time for my phone. When he had it the other day I have never seen him so animated – “talking” and laughing hysterically! What’s with kids and phones??!! She’s pretty darn cute….can’t believe she’s so big!

  3. Wow, it’s awesome how much she and Lena look alike. Look like her hair is a strawberry blonde. You guys are all so blessed. I’m truley happy for all of you. πŸ™‚ Have a safe journey.

  4. Finally got onto your blog. Oh my goodness she is fantastically smart and adorable. She is going to be such a great addition to your family, can’t wait to meet her!
    Praying for the rest of your journey.

  5. Tiny speckled egg? Maybe a quail egg? I know my sister feeds her daughter quail eggs because they’re so small. I’d be surprised, but those are the only small eggs I know of (I don’t know much about Russian cuisine, though!)

  6. Awww, she seems like quite a bright little girl. So cute!

    So do she and the other kids there have individual nannies who are with them all the time? I wouldn’t have expected that, but that’s great if so! It looks like she’s been very lucky and taken care of really well, all things considered, which is absolutely wonderful.

  7. Finally got caught up on all the posts. What a special girl, and special parents, and special brother and sister. Great news and you all look great and happy. Something tells me this one is going to keep you on your toes!

    Blessings and continued prayers for safe travel, bonding, and the kids at home. Kelly

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