34 thoughts on “Last Day for Shirts”

  1. Invite please, I don't know you personally, but I love following all of your adoption happenings, I hope to adopt oneday too!..jessica.sofia.milner@aol.co.uk

  2. I would love an invite even though I do not know you personally-have been following your precious children since before you even committed to each one and pray over all the families adopting on reece's rainbow. God bless you, may you have safe travels, and I delight in hearing about your new blessing! lotsofsparks@att.net

  3. I’m hoping for an invite, too. I’ve loved following your story. I just brought home my Ethiopian daughter three months ago and can’t believe you’re doing it again so soon! I think I need to wait a few years – my little one is feisty. rachel.kreger@gmail.com

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