We’re Here

We’re here in Russia. We do not have free internet access in our room, so we had to go down to the lobby to get it. We’ve actually been here for about 13 hours, but we spent most of that sleeping. We were too tired to come down to the lobby or walk anywhere to get internet access when we arrived.
Our flight wasn’t bad. Aeroflot seemed a bit nicer than Lufthansa. You have more movie options and games you can play on the plane. The food was terrible, but what do you expect with plane food?
Tomorrow, Monday, is a free day for us. We plan to walk around Moscow and get a tour of the city. On Tuesday, we will go to the Department of Education to get the paperwork to meet “Helen” and then we will go meet her! Around Noon, Moscow time, which I think is about 4am Eastern Time.

Screen shot 2011-11-28 at 1.46.21 AM
We Skyped with R&L for a few minutes. They were excited to see us, but then wanted to jump on the bed, instead of talking to us. Oh well, that doesn’t surprise me!

3 thoughts on “We’re Here”

  1. Can't believe you're in Moscow! Were you not just here?! Seriously! seems as if you just walked out the door a few minutes ago. We're all sending lots of love your way. Can't wait to hear more. In the meantime, hope you find some water, good food and sleep! Hugs and kisses from all of us – especially your two precious lovies!

  2. So glad you made it. Hope you have a great day enjoying the city and enjoying one another for a day. I always looked forward to the couple of “quiet” days in the hospital when my babies were born. It is kind of the same for you and Aaron. Enjoy the days with one another and Helen as an only child. : )

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