East Coast Adventures

Somehow we made it here after 24 hours of driving. Actually, not all 24 hours were spent driving… a few were spent in a certain Indianapolis suburb and other time was spent here and there are rest stops and gas stations. What’s the deal with the Indianapolis stop, you ask?

We got to stop and see Dasha! Dasha was in the same baby house as Reed and Lena. She is so precious… she is one of the kids who really stuck out in my memory at the baby house and she is now so different and seems so comfortable at home with her family.

Her brothers were great, too. Matthew and Sam took some time to play football with the little ones… Lena really took to them and was enjoying their company. Caleb was just adorable.

It was a really nice place to stop. Norm made us some yummy breakfast and we got to know each other a little better! I love “comparing notes” with other adoptive families and hearing how things are going.

Reed and Lena were so happy to get here. Lena, especially, crashed into bed that night with a big smile on her face. They jumped right back into playing with their cousins too.

These two in particular just clicked! She is about 18 months older than him, the same age as his friend Alina. Reed really likes to chase her and I think she really enjoys it too. She likes to be an animal and he pretends to be the hunter.

2011-11-21 00.04.23
Every night they crash! I walked in to grab my pajamas the other night and Reed was not in his bed! I started to worry and looked around, wondering where he had ended up. Then, I saw this. When I finished getting ready for bed, he was back in the right spot!

We are having a great time. Lots of adult company and lots of company for the kids.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember, you have until Tuesday, November 29, to order your shirt. Uh-oh, too late.

6 thoughts on “East Coast Adventures”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Praying for your travels next week. Love the pic of them in bed and how awesome you were able to meet another family that adopted out of the same place.

  2. That is so cool they got to see Dasha again!! Amazing. I'm desperately hoping that Alina will be able to see some of the kids in her group, too. Did they remember each other? I wish I could subscribe to comments to find out how this went. HUGS!

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