The Preschool Halloween "Parade"

Today was the Preschool Halloween “Parade”. The kids all dressed up and walked down to a nursing home and a bank. I didn’t try to explain Halloween to my kids ahead of time. Instead I went with costumes I thought they’d enjoy. Actually, I thought that Reed would really like to be Buzz Lightyear. I figured I’d do something easy for Lena. But, then I got an idea…

Toy Story theme! My kids LOVE Toy Story. It is one of the first movies that they would sit down and watch. Reed could be Buzz, Lena could be Jessie, and oh, what the heck, I have cowboy boots already, I’ll be Woody…

(I forgot to put my hat on before this picture)

I was the only person (including the teachers!!) over the age of 5 to be dressed up. Oh well. My kids thought it was hilarious.

The kids had fun. Of course, the kid who most enjoyed it was Lena. She really liked being with the big kids and singing their songs. She tried very hard to do the motions and sing the words with them. Reed did not want to participate at all. I asked him about it later and he told me that he wanted to watch everyone.

Thank you to my mom and sister for helping us put the costumes together! My sister borrowed the Buzz costume from a friend of hers for me. She also sent us the boots. My mom found Lena’s chaps as well as some other cowboy stuff at a thrift store for us and also got me a dollar store cowboy hat!

6 thoughts on “The Preschool Halloween "Parade"”

  1. You all look great! I wouldn't worry about being the only adult dressed up. Those teachers are spoil sports for not dressing up! Isn't it in their job description to act childish when necessary?

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