Broke Leg

Reed broke his leg yesterday. It was a great evening. We were at the playground. There was another little boy there and we were really impressed with Reed, because he had asked this kids name and they were carrying on a whole conversation. They were jumping off of a rope ladder thing, from about 3 feet high. We knew he was doing it, but didn’t think it was a big deal. Then, he jumped and burst into tears. I went over and picked him up and was telling him it was okay. Sometimes, when you jump, you get a bit hurt. Let’s just sit here for a minute and then we’ll go play some more. Nope, he was having none of it. I checked over his leg…. not swelling yet, no bruising, looked fine. He can bit a bit, um… dramatic about getting hurt, so I didn’t think too much of it. We had walked to the park, so I told Aaron I’d carry him home and Aaron and Lena could meet us at home. A short way into the walk, I asked him to try to take a step. He screamed.

So, I carried him home, gave him some tylenol and put on a movie. I figured he had probably sprained his ankle or something minor like that. For 30 minutes, he seriously did not move one bit. Aaron got home with Lena and talked to him about it. He could tell us pretty specifically where it hurt (his lower leg) and was still very particular about it. So, we decided Aaron would take him to the ER. I still wasn’t sure it was broken.

But, sure enough, it is. Spiral fracture to his tibia. He has a splint on right now and will get a hard cast later this week. He was feeling pretty good last night after his ER visit, and they said we would not need any pain meds last night. But, at 1:30am, he woke up crying, so I went off to Walgreens to get his prescription. Thank God for 24 hour pharmacies and drive-throughs (so Aaron easily dropped it off after the ER trip). We stayed up together for a bit, watching some TV to get his mind off of the pain. And, he went back to bed around 3.

Today, he is doing well. I have been giving him his pain meds every 5 hours or so, before it completely wears off. He just wants to sit on the couch and watch TV.

Of course, Lena is totally miserable that Reed gets to pick what to do and she can’t touch his leg. She threw a fit last night, because he had a hospital bracelet. These next two months with the two of them are going to be… fun? I am not sure what we will do about preschool. It will depend on his mobility with the cast. Even if his teachers are willing, I am not sure that I want him needing to depend on them for help with everything. The kind of care he needs right now is a bit too intimate for anyone but Aaron or myself to give him while we are still bonding.

8 thoughts on “Broke Leg”

  1. My youngest broke his foot just playing in our toy room earlier this year (he was almost 3). He was pretty miserable to begin with, and even with the splint on he had to be carried most places, etc. But once we made it to the doctor (the specialist, rather than urgent care) a few days later and they put a cast on, he was fine. They gave him a little shoe that goes over the cast, and he walked out of the doctor's office on his own (he insisted). He was pretty much running around like normal from that point on (though I had to watch him a little closer on playgrounds since he wasn't super aware that he could really hurt someone if he accidentally hit them with the cast). So even if he needs to take this week off preschool, hopefully he'll be back to mostly normal soon!

  2. Hey, guys. Very sorry to hear about your little guy. Please tell him we wish him well and we are going to say a prayer for him. What a bummer for Reed.If we lived closer, you know we would scoop Lena up so you could chil with Reed for a bit. Call if you need anything.

  3. So sorry to hear about Reed's leg 😦 I hope he's feeling better soon, and Lena adjusts quickly to him needing the extra attention right now.

  4. So sorry to hear Reed broke his leg! Maybe this is something in God's plan to have you bond even more AND to help guide Lena to have more patience and acceptance to things…it sounds trite, but there's a reason for everything. We may not understand for a while, but it's all mapped out.Two months seems like an eternity now but in a few weeks, it will be half complete and you all will be even stronger for the experience.Lots of virtual hugs and supportive thoughts coming from your weim-pals in NJ 🙂

  5. I've been out of touch for a while now with our move so I'm just now catching up on all the happenings. I'm so sorry Reed broke his leg:( It's crazy how quickly something like this happens. And all from some innocent play. The only thing Tug has ever broken was his hand but it happened without us even realizing that something major had happened. And then a few nights ago he hurt his foot dropping down from the monkey bars. I thought it was no big deal but then he couldn't walk on it at all for the rest of the night and limped for the next few days. Boys are just so adventurous and I bet that Reed will be back to trying his self in no time. Hugs and prayers for you all!

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