First Day of School

Today was Reed’s first day of school! He has been so excited, counting down the days. We shopped for his supplies, packed up his backpack, he picked out a design for me to print on a shirt. Anytime I mentioned preschool for the last few days, he’d clean up his toys and ask me if he should go get his shoes on. Including at 8:45 last night. No, not yet, you need to go to bed and then get up and eat, play, and eat some more first.

Well, today, he was so excited and we got all ready, took some pictures and we were off. We walked into the preschool room and he made a beeline for his teacher, Miss Kathy and just kind of hid next to her. Lena and I said for their singing time and prayer time and then told Reed we would come back for him. He was obviously very excited and very nervous. Not so concerned that we were leaving, though (yes, that’s doesn’t seem so healthy).

Lena and I had a nice time. A trip to the grocery store, then to the playground. I am always shocked how much easier things are with one kid, especially that one. When she’s in a good mood. She does the cutest thing, when I go to get her out of her car seat where she looks surprised to see me and says “Mama?!” She was also a lot of fun at the playground. I wasn’t too interested in playing… it was 104! So, I sat in the shade with her bottle of water. I would reach my arms out big when she was coming for the water and yell her name. She loved this and would come running into my arms.

We came to pick Reed up and he was finishing up his snack. He said he had a great time and was actually talking to everyone… a big improvement from when we left. His teacher said he did fine. He told me he played with trains, diggers, colored and had a snack. He was certainly ready for his nap this afternoon… yay! He goes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so he will not be back until next Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “First Day of School”

  1. Yeah, Reed! So glad you had a great first day. It is amazing, isn't it, how much easier a few hours are with one child? With four, we are riding the border of chaos everyday! It's a thin line and does not take much to slip off the edge :)I am going to have to send Reed some little fire department shirts.

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