Perspective and Prayers

This evening was totally aggravating for me. Aaron home late. Grill propane empty. No time to run. Low tire pressure and trying to put air in the tires in the dark. Grocery bag breaking. All so frustrating. Then I realize it’s just so… trivial.

Sweet Liliana is 11 years old and weights just 10lbs. Check out what God is doing through Adeye’s blog.  She has raised over $20,000 in one day to bring this beautiful girl home. Incredible.

I’m reminded to pray for Joshua and another Parker family. Joshua, just 5 years old, is hanging on by a thread.

Sallee makes the most adorable dresses, which have funded her previous adoptions. Adoptive moms, you know how hard it is to come home with a new kid, right? How tiring that is? Well, she came home in March with her new son. In April, she found out she has cancer.

My heart just breaks. Will you all pray with me for this people and their families?

4 thoughts on “Perspective and Prayers”

  1. Molly, there is nothing you do that is short of inspiring to me! Religion and prayer is a very private thing for me, but I will happily pray with you for these people and families…And since I work right near St Patrick's Cathedral in NYC, I'll head over and light a candle as well.

  2. You don't have to look hard to find gratitude but our lives move so fast these days it's easy to lose sight of that. With perspective comes gratitude. I really like that. Oh, and Ann Taylor Loft carries their same styles in petites, which is nice. Talk about luxury! Thanks for visiting my blog. P.S. someday I'll have to tell my own adoption story on my blog. I am so grateful for a pair of people that took me in and became my parents when no one else was there.

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