Summer Life

I found a bunch of pictures of Reed that I had never uploaded from April. I don’t look to great in this one, but I wanted to share it, because we have the same eyes. I really don’t know anyone else with the same eye color as me, except him. We had no idea what his eye color was when we committed to him…

We went to Goodwill the other day and I let each kid pick out an outfit. I’m such a big spender, huh?

P.S. Both of my kids wear 50SPF… actually our whole family does, and it’s clear that some people just tan REALLY easily…. Reed.

Lena has been very easily upset lately. I am not sure why, but it does seem to help her if I plan fun activities, instead of giving them the choice between the same stuff we do around the house every day.

These are our homemade water tables. Just plain out bins, and I gave them a colander or strainer, and rice and beans, cups and some other stuff.  Since then, we’ve also done it with ice cubes and bubble bath… lots of fun!

So, the head injury… he got this at his grandparent’s house, over 4th of July weekend. Running in the house and falling, headlong into a table. Had we been at home, he might have gotten stitches, but my in-laws live far away from a hospital. So, we opted for butterfly bandaids instead. Now it is just covered by a Toy Story bandaid and it’s healing well.

This one has been giving me a very hard time lately. I am not sure why. I am not sure if it is the terrible 3s, or a new stage of grief about her past, or something else. Her emotions have been almost unbearable and it seems like a painful backwards slide to our first few weeks home, at times. It does seem to be getting better– the more I keep her busy and manage her schedule, the easier it seems to get.

Here she is having a good time. It is one or the other with her.

I love this photo of him. This kid has a HUGE sense of humor and the longer he is home, the more it shows. When we were at their grandparent’s house, we had some homemade ice cream (yum!) and after he finished, his aunt Rachel said, “did Uncle Micah eat your ice cream?” In the past, this might have gotten a confused look and “no” out of him, or he might have jumped at the opportunity to lie and tell us he wanted more ice cream. But, instead, he just jumped up and teased his Uncle Micah, demanding that he wanted his ice cream back. This photo shows the sly grin you get when you are goofing off with him.

Take note, people who think my dogs are crazy. This is how our days usually go. 3 lazy dogs, just hanging out, and supervising. They have their moments of fence-climbing, opossum catching antics, but this is how things usually are.

4 thoughts on “Summer Life”

  1. reading your blog, i have fallen in love with your kids and forget sometimes all about Nina Cache and Josie! So nice to seem them, too!! :-)I understand keeping Lena busy to manage her swings. Do you also dialog with her or is that too much for her just yet?Reed is so handsome. Are you calling him Reed more now or is it 50-50?

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