Whew, we had a fun weekend! Our favorite Arizonans were in town. The McCoys, of course! We first met them in Ukraine and we had a nice lunch with them. I’ve always felt like we connected well with them. Both Kelly and Tori have been always very encouraging for us,when we’ve had some struggles. And, of course, Alina, Ilya and Lena are all buddies from the same baby house. We were so excited when we found out that they were coming into town, and we all just had a blast. Of course, the McCoy family also includes their 3 older boys. These three are just fantastic. They are such sweet boys, and wonderful with our kids. Carson especially had Lena’s heart and I think he might understand her Lena language better than I do!

I just love these three together.  I’d say that Lena might have been more into Alina’s brothers than Alina herself, but they did all play together. Reed and Alina really seem to enjoy playing together.  He was shy at first and then quickly warmed up and was yelling her name across the playground.

I also love being able to build a relationship with other adoptive families, especially in the case of kids who were together in the orphanage. We have so much to talk about. It’s also so cool to see a girl who I prayed for and so desperately wanted to find a family doing so well in her family.  It’s hard to believe how far the three of them have come in the last several months.

McCoys, thanks for visiting and come back soon! We miss you already!

7 thoughts on “Reunited”

  1. Absolutely loved our time together. I was telling my mom about the kids today and she cried. I really was, seriously, on the verge of tears last night leaving. And Carson really was on the verge of tears as well. What is so cool is that all the boys knew what a difference the kids were experiencing from when they met Alina in the orphanage and watching them play last night. God is good and now it's your turn to come to Tucson, you have a place to stay. Love you guys, really we do. McCoys

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