The New Stroller

I’ve gotten pretty terrible at blogging, but my sister told me to. Truth is, the weather is awesome here. We spend every free minute outside. We bought a stroller which is really fantastic. I am trying to lose weight, so it is nice to be able to go for a very long walk and just push them in the stroller. Today, on two separate walks, I walked between 7 and 8 miles. And, it was 90+ degrees out today. I get extra points for that, right?

2011-06-13 13.04.44

2011-06-13 13.05.26

We’ve been blowing bubbles, drawing with chalk, riding tricycles, going to the playground, grilling burgers– all the good summer stuff. For the most part, everyone is loving it. Sometimes we don’t find the time for naps, which is not so wonderful.

I am still trying to figure out preschool for Ilya. I will hopefully have the final answer soon. Life is just… normal. I think we are slowing finding the right routine and feeling settled. After almost six months, I guess I thought we’d be there sooner. But, I think we’re finally getting somewhere. Ilya and I also seem to be bonding more. I think it really helped having company for quite awhile and getting a break from being just the three of us all day. It was a nice break for me, but I think he needed that break too. The other day, out of the blue, he told me, “Mama, you look pretty!” And, he has been much more interested in doing things together lately… asking me to read him books and such. This is really good for both of us. He has had a good bond with Aaron for quite some time and I feel like we’re finally getting there now too.

3 thoughts on “The New Stroller”

  1. Yeah on the stroller and your relationship with Ilya!!!Thanks again for the adapters, they are working great! We get to meet our sweet girl today!!!

  2. Little boys are so sweet to their mamas. They're not afraid to tell you that you look pretty or that the dinner you made them is yummy. Both kids look beautiful and healthy!

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