Thanks for your comments on the sleep post. We have only had one other night like that, where she is crying several times throughout the night. She was consistently crying right after we put her to sleep every night, but we’d just go in and remind her that we were right downstairs and she needed to go to sleep… that worked after several days of doing that. We already have a fan running in their room and the A/C as needed, so they are good with white noise.

We have not really done anything exciting since my parents left, except that the kids went down to their other grandparents’ farm last Saturday. Very exciting for them, exciting for me in the opposite sense… I got a whole day to myself and got to get some things done… and just sit on the couch and read for awhile.

We’ve also been enjoying the weather. It is all ups and downs, 95 and plenty of sun and then 55 with wind and rain. That was seriously our weather last week. On one of the warmer days, we got out and did this…


Don’t both of them look tired? These photos were taken the same day that I wrote that blog post.

Can you tell what I’m teaching Ilya?

“That dog, barking, over there. He’s the one who keeps me up at night.”

Here’s Ilya, telling me about his drawing. Hilarious.Yes, his shirt says “Loud and in Charge” and yes, that is hugely appropriate for him.

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