Some More Photos and a Video

I am feeling too lazy to write something, so I am going to share some photos. Isn’t that why you all read my blog anyways?

This is what we do most weekday mornings… play-doh! It can entertain them for awhile. We purchased the “fun factory” off of Craigslist a couple weeks ago and that is great. It is a lot of little toys, so they get a few different ones each day. It is so messy, but it keeps them occupied and is good for their sensory input.

I walked in on Ilya the other day… removing Lena’s socks. Here he is putting them back on, after I said “what in the world are you doing?” Not that I really cared. Just baffled why this is amusing.

See! I put them on!

I took a video of the kids saying some words. I wish Ilya was a bit louder! You can easily hear how Lena does not say most words well, except for “mama” and “papa”.

I often include an extra cute photo of Lena, because she loves to pose for me. Well, Ilya and I took some photos the other day. Of course, it was in the evening, with the flash, but isn’t he adorable?

12 thoughts on “Some More Photos and a Video”

  1. My little one Ainslie is enjoying the pictures and video with me! She says Ilya's (a) nice boy. I like playdough too! I want my red shirt on like Lena. : )

  2. They are too cute! I LOVE play-doh!!!! Dh and I were i Target on Sat night and I swear we were laughing over my excitement seeing some "new" playdoh fun factory sets :-)~hdj

  3. Ilya is incredibly handsome in the last photo. And children tend to be interested in the strangest of things, like undressing. He´s probably having a blast disocvering the concept that just because a thing is covered (like the foot) that doesn´t mean it isn´t there 🙂

  4. LOVE THEM! Alina gagged (literally) the first time she touched play doh. She would touch it and gag. It was hysterical in a 'Im sorry I'm laughing at you' type of way. 🙂 She loves it now. We let her use shaving cream in a bowl too, thats sensory overload for her. Along with dry beans, rice, flax seeds, stuff like that she loves to dig into. I think one of the sand/water/sensory tables is on the dockett for her birthday!

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