Thank you, Babushka Lola!

When my mom was here, she got the kid’s pajamas. Lena’s were a bit too big and Ilya’s looked too small, so we went to exchange them the other day. I let the kids pick out their own pajamas.

Ilya instantly decided on these. They’re pretty awesome. I like that they are two pieces, but the top does not have buttons (and is not super tight). They fit him very well, as you can see.

Lena did not really pick out pajamas. I gave her the chance, but she did not really get it. So, I picked out these and asked her if she liked them. They’re a hit! A bit big, but she will be able to wear them through the spring.

3 thoughts on “Thank you, Babushka Lola!”

  1. Too cute!I love the rocket ships. I bet Ilya will be some sort of engineer having to do with transportation when he grows up! LOLAnd Lena's are adorable for a little princess 🙂

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