Alive and Well

We’re still alive and well here. Our recent snow storm did NOT get the best of us. The reason why we haven’t been blogging? Babushka is here! Lola Babushka, that is, my mom. She is here from Sunday to Sunday. We have been having lots of fun, keeping busy. Aaron has been home most of this week too, because of all of our snow. It is nice. I have been staying up a bit later and I don’t feel like every drop of energy is sucked out of me by bedtime.

My mom took a shower this morning and when we came home around 4pm today, there was still water in the tub. Um, what? So, we added some Draino. Nothing. More Draino. Nothing. All three of us adults have tried using a snake on it. Nothing. Aaron started taking the pipes apart and about 45 minutes in, discovered the problem. One of the pipes had frozen water in it. Ah, lovely. Water drains further down, so that was just our problem.

I’ll try to write a longer, more exciting blog post soon. If you asked questions about the orphanage in the last post, make sure to read the comments from Bethany and Kelly. Good info.

3 thoughts on “Alive and Well”

  1. Please, tell your mom that Kelly said hello and he is flattered she likes to read his blog. Maybe this summer we can meet. Blessings, Kelly

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