Celebrating a Birthday

We did not do much today. Our beautiful 70 degree yesterday dropped down to an icy morning. Giving us one of those intense Kansas thunderstorms first. Fortunately, it did not wake the kids up. I am not sure how they’ll do with our crazy storms.

We decided to celebrate Lena’s birthday today. Of course, it was 24 days ago, but we did nothing for it then. My family has always done the tradition of a special dinner. I was making potato soup, which she loves, so it was perfect. She ate two bowls of potato soup. And then had her first cupcake.





So, do you think they liked them?

I am going to do a little Q&A post on Sunday, so if you have questions, please ask.


7 thoughts on “Celebrating a Birthday”

  1. I have some questions :)1. Are Lena and Ilya also going to have American names? I was thinking they were Scarlett and Reid? 2. Were you allowed to interact with or observe any of the other children at 33? there is a specific child I am interested in…and I could email you privately and tell you the situation. I would love your input on the size of the institution, the area and your general thoughts.3. Were your children already familiar with one another? Not sure if children are separated by age into different rooms, etc.4. How was the flight home? I missed out on the travel blog! :)Blessings,Holly

  2. I´ve got a few questions1)What are your thoughts on your children´s Ukrainian heritage, do you mean to keep Ukrainian traditions 2)What are your observtions of Ukraine in general.3:How is the attatchment goingAnd just to add. The children are so pretty and they both look so happy.

  3. 1) Are you keeping their names Ilya and Lena or are you going to give them American names (I thought their names were gonna be Scarlet and Reid?And just to add your kids are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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