Today and Tomorrow

We met the McCoys today, adopting Celia. They are just as kind and wonderful in real life, as we thought they were. They live in Arizona, quite far from us, but they have family in our town. We hope to keep in touch with them, so our kids can grow up knowing each other. We have really enjoyed getting to meet so many different families here and hear what has led them to adoption.

Other that that, we’ve had a boring day. Some packing and stuff, getting things ready for tomorrow. I packed two little outfits. We also have two grocery bags of toys to give the children at the orphanage, thanks to the children and youth staff at our old church. They are also in the process of collecting shoes and other donations for this orphanage.

I am eager for tomorrow and also a bit um, anxious? Sasha arrives here at 4am! We will all go back to sleep for a bit and then start the document run at 8. I just really hope we can get it all done. I know we will if it is possible– Sasha and our driver are really wonderful. I am sort of hoping for a day of down time before we head back to Kiev. We’d like to see the McCoys again and rest a bit.

5 thoughts on “Today and Tomorrow”

  1. Oh what a wonderful day tomorrow will be and what a sweet and amazing Christmas gift. I am very excited for you and I know this day will forever be a special one in your hearts. It´s so incredible that you are finally becoming a family and beginning the rets of your lives, forever linked together. I will pray for you 🙂

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