She’s 3!

Today is Lena’s 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday, Lena!

Apparently she was a very easy two year old, but she has officially started the terrible 3’s. No, I am not kidding. She was a different little girl today. Hoarding all of the toys, getting very upset whenever someone took one. We think that she may have been very hungry, because she ate about 10 crackers at snacktime and seemed a lot better after that. Until they came to pick her up that is, then she broke down into full-on crying and screaming. She calmed down and helped clean up the toys. That is only the second time we’ve seen her really cry. And the first time we’ve seen her really be protective of toys.

This is when she was in a bad mood, hoarding all of the toys the could find!

We told her happy birthday, but we don’t think she even knew it was her birthday until Sasha came by and wished her a happy birthday in Russian. Sasha told us how to say it so that we could tell her too. She just lit up when Sasha wished her a happy birthday!

Here is Lena with her new phone that we gave her as a birthday present…

I think Lena has worked her magic on Ilya and now he is wrapped around her tiny finger too. At snacktime, while Aaron was getting Ilya’s snack for him, he said “Olenuska!!!” (which is a nickname that they call her from her full name Olena) and he said something in Russian to her, which we took to mean “it’s snacktime!”. He asked for some juice awhile later after snacktime, and without any prompting from her, he asked Aaron to get Lena some juice too! When she went to the bathroom, he took “her” book (which is really Olivia’s)… the book she had been obsessed with and ran and hide. We thought he was just being naughty, but turns out, he was having fun with her. When she came back and found him hiding, we heard them both laughing and he gave her the book back right away. It is so nice to see them not just getting along, but also having fun together.

Olivia and her family are the ones who I mentioned joined us yesterday for visiting time and will probably be with us for the rest of our stay. I didn’t want to mention it, because I wanted to let them update their blog and not spoil the surprise!

Here are Lena and Olivia sitting nicely together, playing with their phones. Of course, they switched phones. This was pretty adorable. Olivia got up at one point and Lena was yelling at her to come back.

Here is a video of the girls playing with their phones together. This is when Olivia got up, obviously, and hammed it up in front of my camera…

And here’s Ilya, trying to get in on the girls’ phone playing. They think his phone is too outdated to join in.

I managed to get this cute photo of Ilya today…

That boy hardly even slows down… See what I mean?

5 thoughts on “She’s 3!”

  1. I was wondering why I saw a picture of Ilya and Olivia together in the visiting area on Olivia's mom's blog! That's neat how you two families can share this experience together.

  2. What little dolls they are. Ilya is your typical three year old boy always on the goþ He´ll keep you on your toes and Lena wil too 🙂

  3. Yes, happy birthday to Lena!I do feel that I keep repeating myself a lot… but your children really are adorable! Have to say it again! And Lena has got the most striking eyes, she's such a little doll.Nice to see her together with her friend Olivia, they look so cute together.

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