Tappn Nottep and the Big Statue

This morning, we went to go see Harry Potter. The lady behind the window was very accommodating and helped us get the seats we wanted, even though we don’t speak Russian. Our facilitator told us that sometimes American movies are played in English with subtitles, but this was not the case. We had no idea until the movie started.


It was a good two and a half hours of entertainment. We’ve both read all of the other books and see the movies, so we could follow the plot, even though we could not understand most of dialogue. The tickets were only about $4 each, so they were very cheap. And the theater was beautiful. We also got a soda and popcorn for another $4. Everything is super cheap, compared  to going to the movies in the US.

After the movies, we went down to a pizza restaurant a couple of blocks down. We wanted to go there the other day, but it was a sit down restaurant and we were lacking our dictionary. This time, we had it, so we walked in, I told her “two” in Russian and she said to me in English “smoking or non-smoking”. Ha, I did not have her fooled. Turns out, this restaurant’s menu has the English and Russian words written right next to each other. I got a cheese pizza and Aaron got “duck in cherry sauce.” We also got drinks and a milk shake. The total was around $13. $7 of that was Aaron’s meal! My pizza was $3.  Ridiculous. We really enjoyed the food and with the prices and the fact that they have English on their menu, we will go back. We are somewhat limited in what we can make in our apartment because we only have a stove and a few pots and a microwave. Plus the fact that we never know what we’re buying at the store! Pierogies, pasta, sandwiches… those might be our options.

There is also a little stand down at the corner where we have been getting food. They have french fries for about 60 cents and huge hot sandwiches for about 70 cents… Aaron said that their sandwiches are better than McDonalds (and obviously cheaper too).

I am glad that tomorrow is Monday and we get to see Ilya and Lena again. I love our visits with them and it is hard to fill our days with walking around town and grocery shopping!

Sasha was giving us directions to a “super market” the other day, and she referenced the Lenin statue. We had seen this giant statue, impossible to miss, so I guessed that must be the statue she meant! Well, today we paid closer attention and noticed the real Lenin statue. Anyone want to guess who this is a statue of? I will be shocked if someone gets it.