Some Photos of Kiev

I thought you all might like to see some photos. They’re just over our apartment and the State Department of Adoption building where we got our referral.

Our apartment in Kiev is tiny for an apartment, but it is reasonably sized for $60/day.

This is the bedroom.

Here is the living room. Please ignore the stuff everywhere. This was just after we arrived.

The kitchen. Tiny sink. Tiny stove. Normal size microwave.

This is the State Department of Adoption building. This is not the door we went in. No, we walked through the construction zone and went in some little tiny side door.

This is the church just next door to the SDA building. It is under construction. That area of Kiev has lots of these beautiful orthodox churches. I have not seen any closer to where our apartment is.

Here you can see a photo of us with the Lococo and Cornish families who we had dinner with last night.  That was fun… both families are nice and this is the Cornish family’s second adoption from Ukraine, and they have also spent a lot of time here advocating for children with Down Syndrome and other special needs.

4 thoughts on “Some Photos of Kiev”

  1. Molly, we got things worked out. Please deliver the package if and when you get the chance. Gracias. Excited for you two(four)! KC

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