I’m grateful for…

I’m grateful that our dossier is READY TO BE MAILED!!!!!!!

I’m grateful that we having a working dishwasher, which cost us less than $5. Free Craigslist find & all it needed was 1 cheap part.

I’m grateful for the friend who asked us tonight if we have a project in our house we need some help with and offered to get some people together. We have a lot of things which need to get taken care of before we bring Reed and Scarlett home. And it seems overwhelming.

I’m also grateful for the friend who wants to help us arrange a youth event to raise awareness about orphans at our church.

I’m grateful for the friends who wished me a happy birthday this week. For the sweet friends who called me and sent cards. And of course, for my wonderful family who put together a package for me, including an awesome cake. My family ALWAYS sends me a birthday package and my mom ALWAYS puts a cake inside.

I am grateful for the continued donations. Continued prayers. Continued encouragement via comments and email. It means a lot to us.

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