What You Can Do

I am always hearing about ways you can help orphans, and there are things at every level, in every budget, for every ability, that we can do.

If you have little money…
Advocate & pray for an orphan. Print out his or her photo, carry it in your wallet, tell people about her. Blog about her. Have a fundraiser for this child. A great time to get involved with this is Reece’s Rainbow’s Angel Tree event in November and December. Talk to your pastor about having an Orphan Sunday at your church.

If you lack the time, but have money…
Add some money to a child’s grant on Reece’s Rainbow. Find a family who is adopting to “adopt” and help them bring their child home. When you buy things online, go through Reece’s Rainbow’s iGive.

If you can’t commit long-term…
Consider a program like Christmas for Orphans in Ukraine. You get to sponsor a child for Christmas. Put a quart size bag full of goodies together for that child. Get involved with a Buddy Walk, volunteer, and educate others about Reece’s Rainbow.

If you want to be involved and commit to a particular child, but you can’t adopt…
Sponsor a child long-term. Send him or her at least two packages a year. Send some money for her to have a real birthday party. Bethany has some HIV+ children on her website who need sponsoring.

If you have room in your home for a season, but cannot adopt or just aren’t ready to adopt…
Host an orphan. Over the summer or for the holidays.

If you have room at your table and room in your heart…

No excuses. There is something simple & completely manageable each of us can do for these beautiful children who need a family.

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